Solar/Electric fence - wall top fence

An electric fence works by imparting a painful but non–lethal shock when intruders try to breach the fence. Its working is much like the electric fences used around Jurassic Park. The only difference is that those fences were lethal for humans.

Now a day’s electric and solar fencing has been used in Agriculture, Industrial, Forestry and Plantation sectors. Electric fencing can provide safe and secure boundaries for permanent or semi-permanent applications at cost lower than conventional fences. We manufacture and supply wide range of solar and electric fencing products and solar zakat machines with best quality and very reasonable cost.

Components of electric fence

  • A battery
  • Energizer
  • Wires or galvanizing wires
  • Insulators and post
  • Earth stakes
  • Backup generator

Advantages of electric fence

  • Automated monitoring
  • Psychological deterrent
  • Cost-effective systems
  • Integration with sirens, alarms and lighting
  • Remote monitoring and control


Dont's of Solar / Electric Fencing

  • Chain-link System
  • Do not use barb wire on gates
  • Do not use your gate wire to transfer power from one side of the brace to the other.
  • Do not leave your fence over tighten; the wire will contract and pull your braces out of line.
  • Do not turn cattle out into a strange pasture or with cattle that have not been trained to electric fence. It is not a physical barrier and they will run through it.

  • Lattice fence
  • Do not run electric wire in conjunction with barb wire.
  • Do not use copper wire to connect ground rods to fencer because they corrode.
  • Do not tighten high tensile wire if it has been kinked. It will break. Tie proper knots to reconnect.


The most common problem with electric fence is low voltage. This could be due to one or more of the following problems.

Vegetation/trees on the wire.

Solution: Ensure fence is free from debris

Missing and/or poor quality insulator

Solution: Check insulators and replace missing and/or poor quality

Inadequate grounding

Solution: Add more ground rods or replace corroded ground rods

Low battery in solar system

Solution: Charge or replace battery or replace solar panel with a larger one