Agricultural Land Management for NRIs:

Embark on a seamless and fruitful agricultural land management journey with Total Fence. Our dedicated services cater specifically to Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), ensuring that your agricultural investments are nurtured and optimized for success.

1. Land Inspection and Assessment:
    • Thorough inspections and assessments to understand the current state of your agricultural land, identifying areas for improvement.
2. Crop Management:
    • Expert guidance on crop selection, cultivation practices, and crop rotation to maximize yield and sustainability.
3. Irrigation and Water Management:
    • Implementing efficient irrigation systems and water management strategies to ensure optimal crop hydration.
4. Soil Health Monitoring:
    • Regular analysis and monitoring of soil health, with recommendations for fertilization and soil improvement.
5. Pest and Disease Control:
    • Proactive measures to control pests and diseases, safeguarding your crops and enhancing productivity.
6. Harvesting and Post-Harvest Management:
    • Streamlined processes for harvesting and post-harvest management to preserve the quality of your produce.
7. Marketing and Sale Support:
    • Assistance in marketing and selling your agricultural produce, ensuring fair prices and market access.
8. Compliance and Legal Assistance:
    • Stay compliant with local agricultural regulations, supported by our legal assistance for smooth operations.
9. Remote Monitoring and Reporting:
    • Real-time monitoring of your agricultural land, coupled with regular reports on crop progress and overall land health.
10. Sustainable Farming Practices:
    • Advocating and implementing sustainable farming practices for long-term environmental and economic benefits.
11. Livestock Management (if applicable):
    • Comprehensive management of livestock, including health monitoring and breeding programs.

With VG, you can trust that your agricultural lands are in capable hands. Our team of experts combines traditional farming wisdom with modern agricultural practices to ensure the prosperity and sustainability of your farming ventures. Let us help you grow and prosper even from afar. Contact us today to discuss how we can tailor our agricultural land management services to meet your unique needs.