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A fencing contractor is a professional who specializes in the design, construction, and repair of fences. Total Fence can work with a variety of materials, including solar Electric fence, Chain-link Razor wire, RBT wire, concertina coil, Lattice fence, weld mesh fence, steel fence, concrete post wood, metal, and vinyl, and can build fences for residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

We also offer additional services such as gate automation installation, staining, sealing, and Wicket gate and fence maintenance. It’s important to choose a fencing contractor who is experienced, licensed, and insured to ensure that the work is done safely and to a high standard.

With quality materials of fencing, installation plays the key role to withstand for years to protect your various needs. Here are various types of fence installation we provide in our Total Fence Products.

Commercial Fence

  • Chain-link System
  • Electric fence / wall top fence
  • Razor fence / concertina coil
  • Decor fence
  • Security fence
  • Industrial partition fence
  • Transformer yard fence
  • Orio Weld Mesh Fence
  • Barbed Wire
  • W-Beam Crash barrier
  • Boom Barriers
  • Birds’ spikes
  • Monkey Spikes
  • Gates

Residential Fence

  • Lattice fence
  • Dog fence
  • Plot/ land safety fence
  • Picket fence
  • Wall top fence
  • Chain-link fence
  • Monkey Spikes

Total Fence for your Fence Installation

When it comes to the installation
of your fence and gates, our full-service
professionals can help!

Installing a fence on your own might be risky and won’t last long. Or sometimes it may require additional costs for finishing the setup. A fence installation professional will help you to install the fence within your budget.

  • Total fence are professional fence installers. You can have peace of mind that the fence will be the finest.
  • You can trust us for fence construction. Quality work is guaranteed with the Total fence.
  • A wide range of fencing solutions is available at affordable prices.

Fence Installation

So, you are looking to install a fence? But why exactly do you need a fence? Have you thought about the purpose yet? Well, there are many things to be considered when you are installing a fence. Here are a few factors that come into the picture when you think of installing a fence for your site.


Purpose of a fence

To help you decide about your fence, you first need to answer this question. Some say it is for privacy, while some may say it is for adding an aesthetic appeal to their home. If you have pets or children, installing a fence allows them to explore freely in your background, without the worry of straying out.


Fencing materials

The first thing that comes to mind when you picture a fence in mind is wood. Wood is a cheaper option. Cedar, Redwood, or teak is some wood choices. Bamboo’s usage is now trending and eco-friendly. A Wooden fence requires regular maintenance and refinishing for them to last longer. The next option for fencing material is metal, which is aluminum or chain link fencing, or steel. Although metal is not as versatile as wood, it is long-lasting. Vinyl is the best option compared to the others. But it is quite expensive. Vinyl is more durable and flexible compared to wood and requires zero maintenance.


Time taken for fence construction

The time taken to set up the fence for your home or site will depend on the company that is going to lay the fence and the area the fence will cover. A good fencing company like Total Fence will get you covered for all your fencing needs.


Cost-effective fencing

Building a cost-effective fence depends on the type of material you choose. It also depends on the number of hardware materials such as the gate utilized in setting up a fence. We at Total fence can set up the best quality fence at affordable rates.



Hot Dipped Galvanized Wire

IS 280


Wire Size

1.6 mm (16 gauge), 2 mm  (14 gauge), 2.5 mm (12 gauge) ,3 mm (10 gauge)  ,4 mm (8 gauge)


Width / Height

18″ high to 12’ in height.



50feet, 100 feet


Zinc Coating

100gsm to 300gsm


Mesh Size

3/8″, 3/4″, 1″, 1-1/4″, 1-1/2″, 1-3/4″, 2″, 2-1/4″ and 3″ to 4″

Chain Link Selvages

Chain-link Fence is available in Knuckle end and Barb end variations.
We can supply chain link fence from 18″ high to 144” in height. For a free, no obligation, estimate, please contact us.




Group 256


Group 255


Group 254


Group 253


Group 259


Group 260


Group 261


Group 262


Group 263




Frequently Asked Questions

What are the common reasons for fencing?

Installing a fence around your site promises security and safety. A fence can keep your children and pets safe inside while keeping trespassers and intruders away from the yard.

What are the commonly used materials for fencing?

Total fence offers a wide range of fencing solutions for you to choose from with variations in materials and styles. Whether you are looking for a budget-friendly strong wooden fence or low- maintenance vinyl fencing, composite or aluminum fencing, our fencing professionals will provide you with custom designs based on your needs and budget

What will be the fence installation cost?

The cost will depend on multiple factors such as material, fence type, length, and labor cost. Our professionals will determine your needs and style options and provide you with a cost estimate.

How does Total Fence work?

Once you contact us, we will set up a free consultation based on your availability. During the consultation, our fence installer will measure your yard, design your dream fence to fit your style and need, and provide you with a project quote. Once all is set, we move forward and schedule an installation date and complete it within the said time with perfection.

Available Colors

Black, Green
Chain-link customized colors available depends on quantity.