Chain Link Fence

A chain link fence also known as mesh fencing is a woven type of fencing made from galvanized steel with a PVC coating. Total Fencing is a PVC-coated chain link fence manufacturer and supplier in India. We use advanced technology to maintain International standards for the quality of our products.

A chain link fence is a cost-cutting solution for fencing. If you are on a budget but need fencing to be laid for a large area, chain link fencing from Total Fence comes as a lifesaver. It is not just the low price that acts as a flag for this fencing, but its strong security comes along.

These chain link fences can be seen commonly in places like:

  • Amusement parks
  • Residences
  • Commercial sites
  • Playgrounds
  • Factories
  • Gardens
  • Educational Institutions
Chain link fencing | PVC coated Chain link Fencing - Total fence

Some of the key features that make the Chain Link fence stand out from other fencing are listed below:



Chain link Fences from Total Fence are manufactured to withstand the harshest of climate conditions. The zinc coating prevents corrosion or any type of damage to the fence. Adding a layer of vinyl can make the fencing stand straight against storms and even snow.



With the advancement of technology, fences are manufactured with the best quality and durability. Using chain link fences gives perfect security which will last forever.


Safety and Security

When people think of building security using fences, chain fence holds their place first. These fences allow one to keep an eye on everything while at the same time providing maximum security. Extra security features can also be added with the chain link fences such as security gates, and cameras. You can choose to have your family safe and secure.


Low- Maintenance solution

One primary advantage of this type of fencing is that it does not need maintenance such as refinishing, repainting, etc. The only thing needed to maintain is to wash the fence with soapy water and brush it every two years that will make the fence shine as a new one at the same time keep the trespassers away.



Chain link fences are low-cost fencing options. Also when you are looking for a fencing solution for a larger area, a chain link fence comes in handy.



When it comes to a metal fence, don’t think that you have to compromise with the look and appeal. Chain fences are available in high-quality metal coated and in multiple colors. From industrial properties to residential properties, these fences find their place. The post that you choose for the fence makes a great difference. This is true if you color-coordinate the fence with the post using vinyl coatings.

Specification for Chain Link Fencing

Manufacturer of Chain Link Fence - Total fence

The chain link fence runs vertically creating a zig-zag pattern forming the characteristic diamond pattern of this steel fence. The common mesh size of the fence is 25mm to 100mm. The wire diameter that is commonly used ranges from 1.6mm- 5.0mm and the width of the roll varies from 1.6m-3m. The zinc coatings used are 40 GSM, 100 GSM, and 275 GSM. In general, the chain link fence should confirm IS:2721. Basically, these standards confirm the Dimensions, Physical and Chemical features. Some of the features that have to adhere to the standards are:

  • Length and height of the mesh
  • Size of the mesh
  • Diameter of the mesh
  • Type of twisting that is used in the mesh
  • Tensile strength
  • Chemical composition

At Total Fence, we manufacture steel fence that confirms the standards

Types of Selvages for Chain Link Fence

The types of Selvages available in Chain link fences are


Barb or twisted selvage


Knuckle selvage

Knuckle Selvage is manufactured by interlocking wire ends of the adjacent pair and then bending the wires back into the loop. The size of the loop should be lesser than the diameter of the wire. Twisted or Barb Selvage is manufactured by twisting adjacent pairs of wire to form a closed helix comprising 3 full twists. Then it is cut at an angle.

Selvage selection depends on three factors: Height of the fence, applications used, and mesh size. In general, residential purpose fences will be bent both on the top and the bottom ends. On the other hand, commercial purpose fences or fences used in places where high security is required use Barb or Twisted selvage.

Chain Link Fencing Installation

The Chain link fence installation can be completed in a day or two, depending on the area. This fencing option is budget friendly and consists of chain link fabric and metal posts.

The first step to fencing is to measure the property where the fence has to be laid.

Then locate where the gates of the fencing have to be placed

After proper planning is done, call Total Fence. Our professional will give a free estimate.

Once the quote is finalized and the date is set, the installers will set up the foundation, and the fencing fabric is placed and secured to the ground. Once this process is complete, the property is ready with its fence in place.

Total fence will handle the entire task so you need not worry about anything.