Bollards are short, vertical posts typically made of metal, concrete, or other durable materials. They are installed to serve various functions, including traffic control, perimeter security, and urban design.


  • Durable Construction: Bollards are designed to withstand impact and provide a physical barrier.
  • Versatility: Available in different materials, sizes, and designs to suit various applications.
  • Visibility: Some bollards feature reflective surfaces or lighting for increased visibility, especially at night.
  • Removable or Fixed: Bollards can be installed as fixed permanent fixtures or designed to be removable for temporary access.
  • Impact Resistance: Designed to absorb and redirect impact forces, protecting pedestrians, buildings, or infrastructure.


  • Traffic Management: Used to control or restrict vehicle access in pedestrian areas, parking lots, and roads.
  • Security: Installed around buildings, infrastructure, or public spaces to deter vehicle ramming attacks or control access.
  • Aesthetics: Utilized in urban design and landscaping to enhance public spaces and create visual boundaries.
  • Lighting: Some bollards incorporate lighting elements for added visibility at night.

Variants with Technical Specifications:

Material Options:
    • Steel Bollards: Common for high-impact resistance and durability.
    • Concrete Bollards: Provide a robust and substantial appearance.
    • Plastic or Polyurethane Bollards: Lightweight and resistant to corrosion.
Height and Diameter:
    • Varies: Depending on the intended purpose, bollards can range from short decorative options to taller security bollards.

Surface Finish:

    • Painted: Common for steel bollards, available in various colors.
    • Galvanized or Powder-Coated: Provides corrosion resistance.

Mounting Options:

    • Surface-Mounted: Bolted directly to the ground surface.
    • Embedded: Installed by burying a portion of the bollard in the ground.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can bollards be used for bike parking?

Yes, some bollards are designed with additional features for bike parking.

Are there decorative bollards for urban design purposes?

Yes, many bollards come in decorative designs to enhance the aesthetic appeal of public spaces.

Can bollards be retrofitted with security features like cameras or lights?

Yes, some bollards can be customized to incorporate security features such as cameras or lighting.

Cost (Price in INR):

The cost of bollards varies based on materials, design complexity, height, and additional features. Bollards play a crucial role in enhancing safety, managing traffic, and contributing to the overall design and security of various spaces