Barbed wire

Barbed Wire fencing is a type of modern, anti-intrusion security fencing. It is installed to Protect Land, Agricultural Farm & prevent intrusion from top of the compound walls. Barbed wire fence can also be used with razor wire coils, Installed over the chain link fence or other panel fencing which assures high security fencing, which are located at the top of the post or on special brackets, and special brackets can bring together several rows of barbed wire.

Galvanized barbed wire with double strand size

Made of 2 twisted line wires with 4 spikes, spikes spaced at a distance of 75 mm – 100 mm.

Horizontal wire barbed wire diameter 1.70 mm/ 2.5 mm.

Spikes wire diameter 2.0 mm/1.50 mm.

Packed in coils: 30-35 kg per coil


  • Agriculture and farming
  • Manufacturing units
  • Construction and real estate
  • Warehouse
  • Schools and colleges
  • Villas & residential perimeter fencing