Electric fencing powered by JVA Energizer is an effective way of protecting your property from intrusion by using sharp and short shocks upon touching and attempting to trespass the fence while alerting the owner with alarms. These fences are long-lasting and at the same time, they are cost-effective. A few of the benefits are enumerated below:

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Easy setup

JVA Energize electric fencing may look costly, but the fact is that they are much more economical when compared to normal fencing. They are easier to maintain and give perfect 360-degree protection along the perimeter of the property.

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When a person or animal touches the electric fence, they receive a sharp shock that is powerful enough that the affected one does not want to receive one again.

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Low Power consumption

To run an electric fence, less electric power is only required. With the advancement in technology, it can also be operated using solar power thus making it economical.

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Safe for use

made sure that the electric shock is not life-threatening or fatal. It causes a psychological barrier.

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Long-term Security Solution

Electric fencing is a durable and cost-effective security solution. It requires only minimal maintenance for them to be intact and continue to do their function.

Fencing energizers can be either Solar or Plug-in Battery.

JVA Jumbo Range Energizer

The Jumbo series is said to be the most powerful fencing solution to date. The JMB series produces a large amount of stored energy, currently termed the largest battery energizer. JMB series is enabled by Wi-Fi allowing you to monitor and control the energizer through a smart device such as a mobile phone, laptop, or tablet. It can also be controlled with a wired 4-line keypad.



  • JVM energizers has the capacity to split the fence up to 45-50 units
  • Defining shorter units using JVA dividers
  • Can report fault position

JVA Z Range Energizers

These are entry-level energizers manufactured as per customer demands which are simple and economically suitable for domestic and small industrial sites. The energizer units are fully compatible and connected to keypads which are fully programmable. Another advantage of these Z Range Energizers is, they can be connected with the other energizers to synchronize pulses and convert them for larger sites.

  • Bi-POLAR Fencing- The Z Range Energizers can be synchronized as a Bi-Polar fence, i.e., live wire on all lines. A traditional electric fence alternates live wire with earth wire on the fence line. But the Bi-Polar fencing has one wire as a positive pulse and the other wire as a Negative pulse, which means security lines are live always.

JVA Vibration Detection

The JVA detection system uses a microphonic cable to detect any breach into the security system through noise detection. These wires are sometimes buried under the ground to detect digging and other illegal activities. The JVA detectors have the facility to adjust the threshold, so the alert signals can be differentiated between intrusions and common environmental sounds.


Some of the key features are highlighted below:

  • JVA Vibration detectors are low priced
  • It can detect short circuits or any defects/cuts in the cable
  • The detectors can be independently configured for each zone.
  • Can detect if any intruder tries hampering the cable wires
  • Is customizable according to the site conditions

Remote Monitoring Solutions

With JVA Perimeter Patrol, remote monitoring is possible wherever you are. It gives the facility of viewing your electric fence remotely. You can quickly check the voltage and status of the device and send signals or alerts if the fence or the device needs attention. The status and voltage across the site are updated in real-time.

JVA Cloud Routers

Cloud Routers powered by JVA allow the owners to control/monitor the electric fence in their site with an internet connection enabled. You just need to register Cloud Router service and get a site created on your device and your setup is ready for use.

A few advantages of registering with Cloud Routers are
  • Instant and live updates
  • Site can be fully customizable
  • Notifications can be managed
  • Voltage graph can be monitored

A JVA Cellular Gateway allows establishing a wireless connection between the Cloud Router and a Z Range Energizer.