Gates / Automation

Total fence offers a wide variety of safety gates to meet the requirements of a project. It could be a single gate or, a gate to be integrated into the perimeter fence, where the gate construction is done so that the fence and the gate merge into each other which adds tremendously to the aesthetic appeal of the entire construction.

Cantilever sliding doors are ideal for applications requiring automatic door operator systems, as no part of the door comes in contact with the ground. Also, the most durable type of automatic electric gate operator for heavy use in cold weather applications is the sliding door operator (as opposed to swing door operators). The proper design, manufacture and installation of a cantilever sliding door will reduce friction during operation and extend the life of a door operator.Functional requirements and site layout should always be considered before choosing your portal style.

Gate types

  • Sliding gate,
  • Swing gate,
  • Cantilever sliding

Automatic gate main features

  • Battery backup
  • Intelligent speed control
  • High duty cycle capability
  • Smooth acceleration and deceleration
  • Multiple operating features, including intruder-detection alarm modes (a world first)
  • Exceptionally easy system setup via LCD user interface
  • Alert gate activity via SMS or push notification by connecting a GSM device